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Welcome to my  About Me page! Yes, I really just welcomed you to a page. This section always makes me nervous.  It's like trying to fill out your Tinder profile  or answering "Tell me a little bit about yourself" in job interviews. Um... I really like to eat, take pictures of what I eat, play with my cats, take pictures of my cats. Great. Now everyone is going to think I'm the crazy cat lady, and this has nothing to do with qualities that would make me an optimal mate nor does it have anything to do with  my effective interpersonal skills and oral/written communication skills :P. I hate talking about myself, but I suppose  as much as the next person does. So here it goes!

Growing up, my dad loved documenting every family event and outing. But, as a natural introvert, I was painfully camera shy. I started playing with cameras at nine years old when I figured out that if I was the one taking photos, I wouldn't have to be in them! (So for those of you who also hate to be in front of the camera, have no fear! You are in good hands. I totally and completely understand :P.) 

People ask me all the time, why weddings? It wasn't until recently that I was able to formulate the words. I love people, and what I love the most is hearing their stories. Weddings are full of  some of the best ones!  This has entirely shaped my photography style. I love candid, natural photos filled with laughter, silliness, and whimsy.  I love capturing everything around me as it's happening , from the intimate details to the first look, to fully tell your story. My creativity feeds off of not only the love you have for each other, but also the fast-paced, chaotic rhythm of a wedding day. 

And that's that. If you're vibing with my photos and my style, send me a message! I would love to hear your story :).